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Water damage scares me.  Not sure where that came from.  It’s not as though I went through a traumatic flood.  Pretty close a few times, but very lucky so far. For some reason, I am forever checking to be sure the pipes are fine and the water is turned off.  Add electricity to the mix and you can keep me awake at night. I hate all those movies where some unsuspecting bather finds the one loose wire in the house with a luffa.  Big, healthy respect for the water and electricity combo. That’s why I don’t feel lame at all for having the HVAC tech come to my house twice a year to be sure the HVAC unit is working properly.  No matter what you do, an HVAC unit is going to produce some condensation. The system is set up to ensure the water is channeled away from the components. But, sometimes the channels get clogged.  There is a drain line from the HVAC unit which carries away condensation. However, this line can become clogged and push water back inside. The water can then overflow the water pan under the inside HVAC component.  And, you guessed it, water seeps over the edge and all over wherever the inside HVAC unit is placed. That spells water damage. Worst case, there is a loose wire which comes into contact with the water, thus causing a short. A short would hopefully, and in most cases, only trip the breaker.  But, water damage and a fire would just ruin a person’s day. That just isn’t happening on my watch. Thanks to my professional HVAC technician, I actually don’t worry so much.

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