I do worry about the equipment

So my mom’s friend Alice is the most consistent church goer I know. In the worst of weather conditions, she still never misses a Sunday church service! I admire her dedication to her faith, really – I can’t make a habit stick for more than a week lately!

       Many years have passed since Alice started attending this church in town, and she still has never missed a service! Her only issue though, is that the building is hot – far too hot for a holy place. They do have a central Heating and A/C system installed, but it’s been decades since installation and might as well be an antique. A few weeks ago, Alice took it upon herself to start a collection fund to raise money for some new Heating and A/C equipment for the church. Several other members were against the idea, insisting that cheaper box A/C units were the better way to go. The members on Alice’s side argued that having A/C window units put in would deface the church itself. Plus, a good Heating and A/C upgrade would cool the church much better than any number of A/C window units could!

      Though the cost of installing a new Heating and A/C system is anything but insignificant, I readily agree with her idea. A/C window don’t improve the look of a building, and a holy place should look like a church – not a warehouse. The debate goes on and the funds to upgrade the outdated Heating and A/C unit are still up in the air. So, until that matter is settled, Alice will continue to bring a hand-held, battery operated fan and multiple bottles of ice water to church.

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