I would like to change our heater

Monday is my lazy day! I usually slack off until the early afternoon. I get up, throw myself on the couch, & remain there as long as I possibly am able to. It’s the greatest feeling! I don’t ever have to get up to switch the temperature control… I possess a smart temperature control which connects my Heating & A/C system with my smart iphone. I have been finding that on Mondays I use that feature a lot. I cannot help but laugh at myself. How lazy can a lady get? I cannot help it, the single thing I get up for is to use the restroom & beer. I don’t desire my unit to be marred by respected temperature controls. I do not even need to stand up for food. It comes directly to the front door. I was aware that when I bought this smart temperature control for our Heating & A/C proposal that I was going to love it. I suppose my hubby was particularly skeptical in the beginning but now I suppose that his worst fears about it have been verified. He has called myself and others lazy several instances. It’s perfectly accurate. He can control the smart temperature control from his iphone, as well, so the people I live with and I will occasionally have iphone fights over that temperature in the house… I’ll switch the heat up from my iphone, then the moment it kicks on for a while, he will be too sizzling & turn it back down on his iphone. We go back & forth sometimes more than four times a day until I am forced to get up off our couch & go grocery shopping. I sometimes reward myself for returning to the house as a grocery shopping winner & plopping right back down on my favorite spot. Ah sweet victory.

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