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The air conditioning system that we have in our house needs to be replaced. My wife and I have been talking about taking this step for months, but we don’t want to spend all of the money for the brand new one. We are a young couple and we have tons of other expenses to worry about at the moment. One of the biggest ones being our mortgage and food costs. After doing a ton of research online, I think I have found a possible short term fix until we save up some more cash to afford to have a brand new heating and cooling system. I was online and found a very sweet deal on a portable mini heating and cooling system. This mini unit uses very little energy and also runs very silently, which is awesome in my opinion. Wherever we end up being in the house, we can just bring along this mini portable heating and cooling unit with us into the room. The mini A/C unit can cool off rooms of pretty much any size, so it’s going to be much more useful than the broken down air conditioning system that we are currently using at the moment. I talked to my wife about pulling the trigger on this last night before heading to bed, and she was even more excited than I was! I placed an order on the mini unit and it is supposed to arrive on our doorstep this weekend. I’m glad that we won’t have to be hot and sweaty all day at home now!

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