We’re noticing some big problems

Traveling for a living offers me the chance to visit a number of hotels.  Three star of four star, all of them have one thing in common. They all must be heated and cooled.  It never truly dawned on me on just what a huge HVAC undertaking this was. Every room these days has some form of individual heating and cooling control.  Whether it be a thermostat on the wall or the individual window unit, the HVAC demand is big and varied. The HVAC energy cost alone must eat up a healthy amount of the operating budget.  I’m surprised hotels and motels haven’t attempted to control the HVAC costs. Or maybe they have and that’s why the darn air conditioning appears to be so underwhelming in many hotels. Could it be very long before each room has a smart thermostat that simply regulates the room temp?  Now, they pass these HVAC costs on to the customer. But, that dynamic is not at all sustainable. I can imagine that curbing heating and cooling costs are at the top of the list in many hospitality board rooms. Eventually, if energy costs continue to rise, the room rate could be unmanageable for many people.  The idea of paying for unlimited conditioned air as an amenity is not so absurd. Hotels hit us for so many nickel and dime expenses already. Heating and cooling are the next big thing for hotels to monetize. The very thought of all this has given me extra impetus to cut out the extensive traveling. It may be time to get headquartered in my own home office where the HVAC costs are mine alone.


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