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I enjoy traveling every summer.  I have been many places, but my favorite places were the tropical ones.  I spent a lot of time in the sun and by the sea. I was at the beach nearly my entire stay during these trips.  I love the summer, but summer in these tropical places bring much more extreme heat than summer back home. It was always twenty degrees hotter than summer back home.  I struggled to adjust to it at first. I spent a lot of time indoors initially because I had air conditioning in my hotel room. I would attempt going outside and enjoying the summertime in a new country, but I would run back to my room after awhile and blast the air conditioning unit.  The air conditioning unit was the only thing that made me feel better. After spending three days holed up in my hotel room, I decided that enough was enough. I either needed to tough it out and enjoy my trip or I needed to return home. I decided to stay and force myself to deal with the weather.  It wasn’t easy; I was drinking water all day and wearing the loosest and lightest clothing possible to help with the heat. I definitely still felt the heat and was constantly sweating, but at night, my saving grace was my air conditioning unit. It made all the difference. After coming back home and reflecting on my trip, I’ve realized that it was definitely worth the discomfort from the heat.  I explored so many things and met so many people; it was the trip of a lifetime!

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