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I’m not entirely the safest or most cautious person on this earth, there’s no doubt about that, however that’s why it’s so funny to myself and others that I’ve been put in charge of my corporation’s safety program at large, and maybe it’s because both of us need 1 so badly, or maybe it’s because I’m just a sucker, however somehow I’m not the lead safety officer around here… and that scares myself and others quite a bit, then no matter how much I plan for, it seems love there is constantly a current safety issue to be upset about. Most recently, 1 tiny oversight resulted in a major safety issue for us all, 1 that I never could have foreseen… It all started when our A/C unit decided it was done now working respectfully last week, and started to produce warm air instead of cold. The air was unpleasantly boiling and humid inside the entire building, and both of us were running fans from every corner to create a minor breeze, but when both of us finally got the stupid cooling proposal to beginning functioning again, it came with a price… Rather than running as normal, it began to produce a ton of condensation along the side of the A/C unit. This would normally be no sizable deal, except for the fact that our A/C is situated directly above the bar room floor. This meant water was dripping constantly from the cooling unit down onto our public space – and being a bar, you can imagine that having a cold, wet spot was less than ideal; One night into the A/C drip, a shopper slipped in the puddle and took a extreme fall. Now everyone is required to have routine Heating and A/C repair as space of our safety protocol.

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