I know a new heater would be great

I grew up in hot and humid area.  The area was beautiful all year round, there was always something in bloom and the breezes were wonderful.  The heat index, or “feels like” quantity that factors in both the temperature and the humidity in the air, was a totally different story.  During the months of July, August and September the heat index was consistently over 100 degrees and you would continually ask yourself, ‘where is the breeze?’

Thankfully, my dad was a very progressive man.  The day air conditioning made it our town he was first in line.  He proudly purchased our very first window air conditioner and placed it in our family room.  All the windows and doors were promptly closed and the new unit was turned on. We were all excited to be instantly cooled.  

Our house was small and the air conditioner did a fair job of cooling the family room the surrounding areas, but the bedrooms were not as comfy.  After a few weeks of family room cooling, my dad returned to the store and purchased a second air conditioner for his bedroom. He was in heaven.  He rationalized the expense of a second unit as a ‘smart move’. The air conditioner would need to be serviced, he justified, and ‘we wouldn’t want our comfort to be disrupted by our responsibility’.  ‘What about air conditioner repair?’ he continued. ‘We must be prepared for the inevitable; this is a machine after all’. My dad the pragmatist, he was always thinking of ways to keep adversity at bay and the house properly cooled.  

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