I’m maintaining temperatures

Like many other people, I now work at home.  It took some effort to get used to but I’m getting better at it.  It’s just that I have always gone to an office where I was not distracted by being at home.  I was way under productive when I first began working from home. I seemed to find any excuse to get up from my work.  The biggest hurdle was having an organized spot from which to work. I recognized this fairly quick. So, I moved everything out of one of our guest rooms and made a legitimate home office.  Instant difference in productivity. I almost felt I was back at work in the old days. The problem that persisted was how hot my home office got during the day. Our HVAC is older and does a fine job on the first two floors.  But my office was a converted attic space and I could not stay cool. I asked the HVAC specialist from our local company to come out and pitch me some idea. He noted the temperature difference right away. And he had a solution almost as quickly.  Since my HOA does not allow window air conditioning units, he advised I try a mini-split system. The heating and cooling system is a wonder. The inside unit is mounted high on the inside of an exterior wall. It is connected by tubes to the small condenser unit that is outside.  It only requires a small hole to be cut in the wall. I ordered the mini-split on the spot. My HVAC guy brought it out a week later and installed it in less than four hours. I can’t believe the difference. The mini-split unit not only cools my home office, it cools the entire 3rd floor space and easily I might add.  So, now I have one less distraction to keep me from being a productive home worker.

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