Why I enjoy the indoor comfort

My neighbor is a fantastic guy but can be somewhat boorish at times.  He enjoys to complain about anything that doesn’t go as he sees fit. Of course, all disappointments plus problems he encounters are someone else’s fault.  Sweet guy but has no sizable picture perspective at all. I was walking back from the mailbox when this neighbor caught me. He was outraged by some information his HVAC supplier had just relayed.  The HVAC supplier had reminded him again that it would be in his best interest to upgrade his heating plus cooling unit. The neighbor’s HVAC system had to have been at least twenty years old. But, you would have thought the EPA itself had come to his house.  My neighbor was recognizably perturbed by the fact that come 2020 his HVAC unit will be obsolete for the most part. December 1st, 2020 is when the manufacture of R 22 refrigerant becomes illegal. R 22 is often referred to as Freon. My neighbor could not believe that Freon would no longer be available.  He felt it was outrageous that the federal government could legislate such a deeply personal issue. My neighbor was simply beside himself he had a couple of years to get his act together. I tried to commiserate by suggesting his HVAC system was due to be upgraded. He told myself and others I didn’t know what I was talking about plus his HVAC components would go another 10 years if it wasn’t for the government.  With that I bid him farewell but, secretly wished his HVAC unit would simply fail. Was that wrong?

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