Downgrading my lifestyle

Going from a lifestyle of luxury and elegance to a lifestyle of mediocrity and dullness is not an easy change to make. My parents were very well off and, I admit, they spoiled me to no end. I got almost whatever caught my eye, and so did they. For example, they bought several expensive cars on a whim, and even bought me a matching play car. I was upset that my car was small, so they bought another real car and told me it was mine, I just could not drive it until I had my license. However, now that I am a young adult myself, I live on my own without the help of my parent’s finances and let me tell you, it is not easy. I am not as well off as my parents are by any stretch of the imagination. Things I used to take for granted are the things I now long for. Even simple things such as an HVAC system! I never had to worry about feeling comfortable in my home as a child. My parents had an HVAC system that included an air conditioner, a furnace, and a mobile thermostat. I do not have an HVAC system at all. Not even a furnace for the wintertime! I only have a fireplace to keep me warm, and I can only dream of an air conditioner or any kind of relief from the hot summer temperatures. Although feeling independent is amazing, I think I would rather go back to my lavish life rather than live in this boring one.

new air conditioner 

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