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My wife and I had our first child about three months ago. Our little girl is a cute little chunk of a baby, and she’s our world! As much as we love her, it can be really challenging to retain your patience when dealing with a crying baby. That’s why we’ll lay her down early in the night, and use a baby monitor equipped with two cameras to keep tabs on her as we relax. Though the sound of our air conditioner running in the background can muffler her voice, my wife and I can clearly see if she wakes up. I’ll tell you though; I’m glad I had this baby monitor handy for more than watching the baby! See, we recently took an offer in the local coupon magazine for a free inspection and tune-up of our central heating and air conditioning system at home. My wife and I work of course, so we left a key under the doormat for the service technician when he arrives. Using the handheld device, I watched as the service tech showed up and wandered the house to find the thermostat. For a few minutes, it seemed the technician was just walking in circles as he stared at his phone. Then, I watched as the technician tore my temperature control device off the wall, and cracked it open with one of his tools! I was in shock – is this why the company put coupons in the paper, just so their technicians can create HVAC issues to fix at people’s homes? The most shocking part of it all was that the HVAC technician proceeded to call me. When I answered, he told me my thermostat was broken and I would need to buy a new one. “I can get you one today, but it’s not going to be cheap” he said, staring at my broken temperature control device on the floor. I was furious! Needless to say, I had some words with his boss, and that technician has never been heard from again. The company provided a brand new thermostat for me, and vowed to ensure I received the best service from their most skilled professionals for the rest of the year.

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