I can’t stop aging

The summer heat this year has been nothing short of stifling. We’ve had days where the temperatures don’t drop beneath 85 degrees all day long, and in the part of the country where we live, that is considered to be very hot. All of this heat has really done a number on our air conditioning bills! Our expenses have been astronomical this summer, so when we had a couple of days when the temperature dropped down to the 70s, we were super excited. I immediately went to the thermostat and turned to air conditioning off. We opened up all the windows and I was so glad to get some fresh air that wasn’t super hot and muggy into the house. Not only that, we were glad to give our central air unit a break from constantly trying to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of our stuffy house. Of course, a couple of days later, the nice temperatures outside disappeared and it got much hotter again. We closed all of the windows – or so we thought – and turned the air conditioning back on. Several days later, I noticed that the A/C did not seem to be working to its full potential. When I investigated and checked out the A/C unit down in the basement, I noticed that one of the hallway windows was still wide open! Of course, the window was right above one of our A/C vents, so we’d been blowing our cold air right out the window for days, literally! So much for saving money on air conditioning costs for a couple of days!

A/C installation 

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