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So my dad asked me to help him out with a favor at his place. Usually, these favors are inversely proportional to how he describes the favor. If he tells me he’s got a “huge favor” to ask, the task tends to be simple and quick like helping him clean out rain gutters. Meanwhile, if he ever says he’s got a “tiny little job” for me, I know it’s going to be some massive undertaking that takes days or even weeks to complete! Such was the case this past weekend, as my dad asked to help with a “little side project” of his. Turns out, he had HVAC professionals come to service his entire heating and air conditioning system! Only problem was, my dad got into an argument with one of the contractors, and the argument got so heated that the entire crew of heating and air conditioning technicians picked up their tools and left. “This will be easy,” my dad claimed, “like changing the oil in my car!” I should’ve known he was stretching the truth, because the contractors left the job before the new ductwork was cleaned out and reconnected to the central heating and air system. He sent me into the attic with a small toolbox, a flashlight and duct tape, and explained how I just needed to seal the ductwork together. I have no idea how to keep the ducts air-tight, and all I could think about was how I would call the HVAC company and apologize for my dad’s behavior. After an hour of trying to seal the ductwork back together, my dad told me the air was blowing just fine into the house. Well dad, it might be working now, but my duct sealing skills are anything but adequate. I wonder how long it will take before the air quality suffers?

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