Wow it got hot in here

Back when I was running with our band, both of us lived out of a van, and not even a big van, but a little panel van that was barely big enough to hold us let alone our band stuff. Every one of us had to secure all our gear to the roof, and take turns kneeling on the floor and the back seat just to figure out a schedule of naps, and despite all of that, I had a blast back then and all the discomfort, all the hundreds of hours on the highways, none of that stands out in our head as much as the great times, then that old van didn’t even have a working a/c in it! The cooling plan was as ancient as the rest of the monstrous vehicle, and had not been looked at or taken care of in two decades. Sporadically it would belch out a little cooling from the air vents, but that was constantly short run, and replaced quickly by excess hot air from the engine. The motor constantly ran hot, and that meant the heating system felt like it was running on full bore. After a while all of us just used tape and cardboard to hole up the air vents to keep the hot air out a little bit. On hot afternoons all of us would take A/C rests, stopping at fuel stations when all of us didn’t need gas or food. Every one of us would just go inside and take in their a/c for a few minutes, to make a play for cooling ourselves off just a little bit.

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