Hot times out on the road

Back when I was touring with my band, we lived out of a van. Not even a big van, a little panel van that was barely big enough to hold the four us, let alone our equipment. We had to strap all our gear to the roof, and take turns laying on the floor and the back seat just to work out a schedule of naps. Despite all of that, I remember those days very fondly. All the discomfort, all the hundreds of hours on the road, none of that stands out in my head as much as the good times. That old van didn’t even have a real air conditioner in it! The cooling system was as old as the rest of the beastly vehicle, and had not been serviced or taken care of in over a decade. Sometimes it would spit out a little cooling from the air vents, but that was always short lived, and replaced quickly by excess heating from the engine. The engine always ran hot, and that meant the heating always felt like it was running on full blast. After a while we just used tape and cardboard to cover up the air vents to keep the hot air out a little bit. On hot days we would take AC breaks, stopping at gas stations when we didn’t need gas or diners when we didn’t need food. We would just go inside and bask in their air conditioning for a few minutes, to make a play for cooling ourselves off just a little bit.

air conditioning unit 

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