We continue arguing

When my Mom and Dad got a divorce, no one was more supportive than me. My Mom should have left a long time ago. Since my Mom had not been on her own in twenty five years, I let her move in with me for a few months. I wanted to be supportive, and I knew she would be lonely. I have a two bedroom loft apartment, and it is quite spacious. I was going to have a roommate, but she dropped out at the last minute. The apartment was so nice, I decided to keep it anyways. I normally use the second bedroom as an office, but I moved my laptop and printer into the living space. I didn’t mind moving the office, because my Mom was going to be at work all day. It wouldn’t be any louder in the living room, than a normal day in the office. My Mom would get up early for work, and adjust the thermostat every morning. I always set the thermostat to 68, before retiring for the evening. The last few mornings, the thermostat has been set to 72 degrees. I have woken up covered in sweat and feeling absolutely miserable. I tried to bring up the thermostat in general conversation, but my Mom didn’t take the bait. I know that I need to have a discussion with her about the thermostat. I feel like my Mom is so fragile, and I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I can’t continue to wake up in a wet bed either. I wish there was an easier solution to the problem.

temperature control system 

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