Repairing the system

My child is not a very good student. Just getting him up for his studies every morning is literally the hardest work I have as a mother! I have done everything imaginable to get him in book learning, but he wants nothing to do with it at all. He is entering his third year, when colleges are starting to recruit students, and grades are a pressing concern as is a desire to learn. He has neither. I was sure it was a total bust, however 1 day gathering at the university, he came with an energy I never had seen in his life! He told myself and others all about these alternative schooling options for students who struggle like he does. They start this internship program with a local company for their entire senior year. If all goes as planned, he gets a salaried position with benefits alongside a real job. It sounded too perfect to be true. He chose the local Heating plus Air Conditioning provider in our hamlet. He would start off understanding how to service air filters and change out units, and cleaning the HVAC duct. Eventually, they move him up to heating and cooling repair of actual systems. By the end of his senior year, he will understand how to repair any problem with the Heating plus Air Conditioning units that he comes across. The local dealers get free help for an entire year on the job! But, their hope is that they will hire on the business in the end. The Heating plus Air Conditioning world is even more popular this week than it ever was before. They are in serious need for qualified business as soon as possible!

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