There’s no electricity in here

My husband is very old school, and old fashioned, but last month he shocked me.  We have been discussing replacing the HVAC system in our home.  Lately we had problems where we needed to replace the boiler.  Many of our room heaters are no longer working properly, and we there is a constant draft in the house.  We’ve discussed different ways of putting HVAC in the house, and I was surprised at all of the new methods.  We were looking into electric heating, but our biggest concern is that if the electricity goes out, we are without heating or cooling.  The heating really isn’t a problem because we have a wood furnace to fall back on, and opening windows isn’t a big problem with the summer, but I’ve become used to our air conditioning.  Even with all of the new methods of HVAC, there are very few that can be operated without the help of electricity.  We talked about solar panels, but I recently read where the huge solar panels will soon be replaced with something smaller and more efficient.  My husbands wants to go with solar power that is created through heating water.  He is a very intelligent man, and I’m sure he could even run the air conditioning in this method, if it was necessary, but he procrastinates so much that he will never get it done.  I think I will just insist on keeping the generator running well, and we’ll get the mini-split that he suggested, for our air conditioning needs.  We may lose the electricity, but we’ll still have the generator.

space heater 

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