Servicing the AC

Sometimes I’m really amazed by people in the worst way possible. Just when I think that people cannot stoop any lower than I’ve already experienced in my life, they surprise me. I’ve dealt with plenty of bad apples, including members of my own family, who were ready to screw anyone over at the drop of a hat. I have years of experience having to cohabitate with my oldest brother who was a serial thief, and I will never forget how horrifically stressful it is to feel like you have to watch all of your belongings every second of the day. I have to say, though, that he never tried to steal any components of our HVAC system, no matter how bad his situation was. That’s why I was so surprised to recently hear about a repeat case of stolen air conditioning units. Acquaintances of mine were telling me just the other day that they had not one, but two entire air conditioning units plucked straight out of their backyard. The central cooling units were both brand new and professionally installed by a local heating and cooling specialist. The first air conditioner mysteriously disappeared after it had been in use for roughly a month, the second AC unit was stolen only days after installation. These poor people were stuck living without any modern air temperature control for at least two miserably hot and humid months. The latest air conditioner is now locked up in a cage, and the owners are hopeful that their AC won’t walk off any time soon.

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