Fireplaces and the snow

I can’t wait for the snow to start falling.  There is something about snow, and cold weather, that gets the heart pumping, and makes you feel giddy.  My children used to love skiing, and they joined the ski club when they went to high school.  My daughter broke her leg because she tried to do the black diamond slope before she was ready.  By the end of winter, she was right back up there, and mastering the slopes again.  I have a good friend who did cross country skiing in the Olympics.  He wasn’t a name that will remain on everyone’s tongue forever, but he was able to make it to the Olympics, which is a big coup.  He took me cross country skiing once, and though it looks fairly simple, it is really quite difficult.  I was so happy when I was able to get back to the lodge, and give my leg muscles a rest.  I sat in front of the large fireplace, and I let the delicious warmth seep into my legs, and soothe the ache.  I found out that I really liked that fireplace, and I thought of it as being the best part of skiing.  I have a fireplace in my own home.  I go out in the snow with my grandchildren, and when it is time to come indoors, we head right for the fireplace.  Curling up with the crackle of the fire and heat pouring over you, lulls all of us to sleep, and it is the perfect ending to a cold, snowy day.


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