I had a good laugh

Lately, we have been having some pretty cold mid Autumn weather.  Average temperatures are around forty-five, and we’ve been lucky if it gets out of the thirties.  We weren’t prepared for deep freezes yet, but it is upon us.  My husband decided it was time to check all of the air filters and make sure they were clean.  He also called in the HVAC tech to do our maintenance and look for anything that could cause us any trouble during the winter.  The HVAC tech found a few things that could cause us some concern, and he also pointed out some cracks in our ductwork that needed to be sealed.  It didn’t take him very long to complete the work, and I was very pleased with what he charged us.  I had noticed that last year, we had some pretty bad drafts going across our floor, and since the HVAC tech had been here, they had gotten worse, so I called him back again.  After he went over everything, again, he told me that he couldn’t find any reason, as far as our furnace or ductwork, that would create the draft, and he suggested we seal the windows and doors, and hopefully this would help to stop the draft.  My husband checked everything, and then he took my hand and led me to the bedroom and he told me to lift the curtain.  I hadn’t closed the window tightly when I had removed the air conditioning unit.  After we closed and locked the window, the draft was gone, and it gave a good laugh to my husband and the HVAC technician, to whom he had to tell the story.

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