Working hard on my upgrades

I am really fortunate that I can manage my entire job from home.  I have no need to dress up in business attire and drive to an office building five days per week.  I can set my own hours, listen to my favorite music, and avoid dealing with annoying coworkers.  I do, however, spend very long hours at my desk, and usually work seven days a week.  In order to be productive, I’ve needed to eliminate distractions and create a comfortable work environment.  I now have a shade over the window so I don’t spend all day watching the squirrels and birds.  I’ve purchased an ergonomic swivel chair and a large desk.  I spent a fortune on upgrades to my heating and cooling system.  Instead of heating and cooling the entire house to the same temperature, I now have the option of zone control.  This allows me to adjust the temperature in my office, without maintaining ideal comfort in a bunch of empty rooms.  I can cater to my personal preference and save money on my monthly energy bills.  I also added a smart thermostat, which gives me access to everything from temperature settings and fan speed to humidity levels, right from my laptop.  I don’t need to get up from chair and interrupt my workday to make adjustments, and I get helpful alerts for maintenance.  The smart thermostat even provides the outside temperature, indoor humidity levels, energy saving tips, and customized programming.  Because my office is so much more comfortable, I don’t mind spending such long hours at my desk.  And, I’m hoping that my lower utility costs will help to recover the investment into the modern HVAC system.  

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