What is building automation?

What is building automation? That is where your place of work, school, hospital or other big businesses allows a computer based program to operate everything. A building automation service can take care of your temperature control, energy efficiency, lighting and security systems. You never have to lift a finger. The system does all of this for you. Having a green building sounds nice, everyone wants to save the environment. But for more practical reasons, you save a ton of money and reduce stress. You never have to worry about somebody breaking in. You can have a security system that provides both video analytics and came analytics for you. The lighting control system also can be set on timers or be motion activated. Who would come into your building with all of that going on? Also the energy savings has to do with more than the electricity, the HVAC can cost a lot if not used properly. Integrated HVAC control can be set up for your office space. This is more than just temperature control. You have a smart thermostat control system that works all of your heating and cooling. The temperature control system learns your HVAC behaviors and automatically adapts to what you want in you building. It learns how much heating and a/c you want. It also programs what time the HVAC should be on. You additionally get alerted on energy efficient temperatures and on air filter changes. Building automation systems want you to save money and add comfort. Consider all of this amazing technology for your company today.

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