Ways to get rid of radon

How do you get rid of radon once it is already in your home? Nobody wants to have radon in theri home since it is dangerous and can cause lung cancer when breathed in too much. But, once you detect this gas, how do you get rid of it? A good place to start is to make sure that your home is properly sealed. Is there cracks in the windows? Are the doors not flush to the floors? Is there any holes in your ductwork or the basement floor? You want all of those cracks and leaks patched up. Caulk your windows, refit your doors and get ductwork sealing. Also have the cement redone in your basement to make sure there is no air pockets. Radon loves to fit itself in those air pockets and contaminate your whole basement. Next what you can do is get rid of radon through active soil depressurization. What this involves in 4 inch piping in your basement floor. The pipe is installed in the ground and is extended in your walls. Then the exhaust pipe blows out the radon through the an exhaust fan near an outlet. This fan can be still right in your basement in the wall. Or the exhaust pipe can stretch all the way up through your home into the attic. Then the fan is located in the attic and blows the radon right out of your home. It is not too invasive or expensive to deal with either. Removing radon is a top priority, a little cost is worth it for your health.

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