The sink and toilet

I have recently upgraded my bathroom. I rent an apartment from my grandmother. I only have to pay for the utilities, which makes my rent dirt cheap. To make up for this I do a lot of repairs in my place. I want to leave the place in a better condition than I got it in. The bathroom is the main place I am working on. The floor had this horrible tile that was definitely ruined due to water damage. I don’t know if the tub, sink, or toilet leaked and created water damage. Whatever it was, the floor was toast and I had to rip it out for a new one. Next what I did was caulk over the tub surround to get rid of the cracks. I did not want to lose any water. I also snaked down the drains in both my tub and sink. I removed a ton of hair, debris and blockage. The drainage with the plumbing is way better. Next what I did was get a whole new toilet. I noticed that the toilet was not situated properly. Every time you sat down, the toilet moved like it was going to fall over. I simply ripped off the toilet, bought a better one and did my own toilet installation. The last thing I did was rip out the sink with a better one. I used to not be able to turn on the hot water for the sink. Now I am better flow of water and both hot and cold functions. The new sink frees up a lot of space too.

hot water heater installation 

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