Talking with many plumbers

I think you should make more money for jobs nobody wants to do. For example, people who work in zoos should make less than minimum wage. Everybody wants to play with pandas and feed the llamas in the zoo. So no person working there should make a lot of money. Doctors make too much money in my opinion. They can make a decent living since the schooling sucks and they deal with blood. But, honestly nurses should make more since they deal with more bodily functions and gross things. Speaking of gross things, plumbers should make the most. Who honestly wants to be a plumber? A plumber literally works with human waste. They should make serious money since they are willing to do that. Also they have to be head and neck deep in wet, rusted piping all of the time. Nobody wants to crawl around in a stranger’s home and deduce plumbing repairs. The plumbers get the worst of everything. Their job is dirty and it is hard. They have to deal with hot water tanks, septic systems and plumbing fixtures. It is just not one thing. Also a plumber has to deal with people on a daily basis too. They are never left alone. They get the family nosing in when they work the whole time. That sounds just plain awful. I would way rather deal with blood and animals than literal human waste. There is no job worse than working for a plumbing company. All plumbers should make serious bank. Only truly hardcore people go into this profession.

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