Power outages in the summer

Last September, my neighborhood was in the direct path of a hurricane.  The whole area got hit by high winds, torrential downpours, thunder, lightning, and subsequent flooding.  My entire backyard was under water, and people were paddling by in rowboats.  Tons of trees and limbs came down and created a huge mess.  One of the biggest problems was the lengthy power outage.  We were without electrical power for over a week.  With no electric, we had no running water, no lights, internet or air conditioning.  We were unable to take showers, flush the toilet, watch television or combat the high temperatures and humidity.  Plus, the sticky conditions made mold and mildew a huge concern.  The situation was intolerable, and I finally went and bought a portable generator.  The generator was extremely helpful, but not powerful enough to operate the entire house.  We had to choose which appliances to run at any given time.  We could operate the refrigerator, television and several box fans at once.  The central air conditioner, however, draws a tremendous amount of power.  The generator could not manage any other appliance while the air conditioner was in use.  We solved this by operating the box fans during the day and the central air conditioner at night.   The whole ordeal was super inconvenient, uncomfortable and stressful, and I don’t ever want to go through it again.  Since then, I have invested in a much larger, permanently installed, standby generator.  It was ungodly expensive, but the generator provides sufficient  power to run the entire house for as long as necessary.  

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