It’s winter out here

Several years ago we planned a family vacation for the middle of February and we were excited to be traveling to the Hawaiian Islands. We would be leaving behind a frozen wasteland because our daytime temperatures in the middle of February or normally about 10 below. We couldn’t wait until we reach the sandy shores and felt the warm sun on our faces. We planned the trip for months and even had a list of activities that we wanted to be able to do while we were there. However when we landed, we found out that they were experiencing much colder weather than they normally did.  We had planned for a long sunny days on the beach when in fact we spent much of them bundled in sweatshirts and jeans. We were going to be there for eight days and six of them were rainy and cloudy. We also learned that most of the condominiums that you rent in that area don’t have any source of heat they only have air conditioning. Our dreams of a tropical, hot sunny vacation, we’re definitely not to be the case. We made the best of it and went to most of the museum’s and on the couple of days that were warm and sunny we took in a snorkeling trip and even a luau at the beach. It was very disappointing however to have spent so much time and effort in planning a vacation, not to mention the money, only to spend it with fall light temperatures and rain. Coming home to our house with our wonderfully warm HVAC system was as pleasant as any vacation at that point.

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