I am very anxious

Have you ever gone shopping for something that you have no idea about? It is the worst experience in the world. It is so easy to feel totally stupid in that kind of scenario. For that reason, my brother comes with me whenever I go car shopping. I do not do it too often… only once or twice a year. You have to keep it fresh in all areas of life, especially when we’re talking about your wheels. On the flip side, whenever my brother goes piano shopping, which is also only about once or twice a year, I go with him. He is a killer player, but knows next to nothing about the pianos themselves. Recently, I needed a new HVAC system for my house and found myself in a similar bind. I tried to think if I knew any climate control technicians. I thought that maybe my old neighbor had mentioned that his son was in the heating and cooling field, so I reached out to them. As it turns out, his son was not in the HVAC business at all. I misunderstood when they said “greeting and fooling” for heating and cooling. No, he is just a greeter at a big department store. So my search for a climate control specialist continued. I looked near and far but somehow nobody in my circle was an HVAC technician. I could not believe it. So I just went in alone and prepared for the worst. The heating and cooling shop in the city had some fantastic employees though and they helped me pick the climate control setup that was right for my house.

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