The first flight I ever went on

One of the only times I have ever flown on an airplane was a complete nightmare. It started right off the bat when I first got to the airport. We tried to find parking but it seemed there was none to be had. After some time of pulling loops around the parking lot, my father decided to just drop us off at the entrance. It took him an extra 20 minutes to find a spot and he barely made it to the gate on time for boarding. Then, while boarding, they realized they had double-seated the flight and were trying to suggest they could not let us on since our seats were in the “lower priority” sections. We got on, but the HVAC system stopped working right as we were taking off. Being in the middle of winter, the plane’s heating system really was necessary. Not to mention, even during the summer, a plane without climate control can get very cold, considering the altitude at which you are flying. Either way, the heating system was down and there seemed to be nothing anybody could do about it. In lieu of the HVAC failure, they passed out extra blankets and apologized. Apologies just don’t keep you warm like a heater does though. The blankets were also pretty subpar. After two hours of flying without any heating, the clouds started to thin out and the sun started to cover a bit for the faulty climate control equipment. Before we landed, they gave everyone a free drink to apologize for the HVAC outage. In any case, the whole ordeal was pretty miserable.

climate control system 

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