We’re going to make our thermostat better

Do you like to go shopping for clothes? Even though I am a woman, and most women enjoy going shopping, I do not like it. In fact, I rarely go shopping for clothes and prefer to buy clothes online. Do you wonder why? It is because I feel the need to try on clothes if I am in the store, and I always get too hot. They never run the air conditioning set with a low enough thermostat setting in those dressing rooms in stores. Sometimes there isn’t even any air conditioning in the dressing rooms! I tried to figure that out one time because there was seemingly no air conditioning in the dressing room but the store itself was plenty cool with its HVAC clearly providing much-needed cool air. After a while, I realized it was because there were no air vents, and therefore no ductwork, connected to the dressing rooms. Can you imagine that? Why in the world would they not run the ductwork and air vents into the dressing rooms? Was it for some cost saving measure? Did the HVAC supplier forget to hook it up? I do not know the reason, but I do know that there is rarely enough a/c in any dressing rooms when I go shopping. Therefore, I prefer to stay in my own living room with nice a/c and buy my clothes online. If they don’t fit me when they arrive, I can just send them back. Some places will even not charge for the return shipping costs, which makes it even easier to stay out of those stores with insufficient HVAC in the dressing rooms.

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