Sealing our ducts

When my home HVAC system started acting strangely, I researched online to find an answer. I don’t have a lot of extra money, so I hoped to find an answer on my own. After reading about problems with HVAC systems, I was sure that my problem was with the ductwork. I had a terrible problem with dust accumulating on the furniture, and the indoor air quality seemed poor. I spoke with a few friends, and I was certain that I could seal all of the ductwork on my own. On Saturday morning, I went down to the hardware store and purchased a ladder. I use the ladder to go up into the attic, and order to access all of the ductwork. I bought the proper ductwork supplies, including sealing tape, extra ducting, and ductwork cleaning tools. Even with the small amount of money I spent, it was still a fourth of the price that I would have paid for an HVAC contractor. I managed to find a few holes, and sealed them appropriately. It took a few hours to repair all of the ductwork, but I was sure that I had found all of the holes. When I finished with the ductwork Sealing, I turned on the HVAC system. After a few minutes of debris spewing from the AC vents, the air started to smell clean and fresh. It’s been a few weeks since I performed the ductwork sealing on my own HVAC system, and I think the problem has been solved. Only time will tell, but I am glad to have done the repairs on my own.

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