Building a new storm shelter

A very large tornado ripped through our area this past weekend. Our house was left unscathed, which made us feel extremely lucky. Two of our neighbors lost their homes completely, and my wife and I wanted to do something to help. We decided to open up our garage, and allow our neighbors to stay with us. Our garage is outfitted with its own heating and cooling system, which means that our neighbors would be able to stay cool. Since it is almost 90 degrees outside during the day, it would make everyone a bit more comfortable. We had six extra people using our garage as a storm shelter, and our air conditioner was running nonstop. Our air conditioner is hooked up in the garage also, so that our entire home has Central Cooling. We also have a small window air conditioner set up in the garage. It helps to remove the excess humidity, because this room was not meant to serve as part of our original home. It’s been difficult to have a house with so many people, especially with only two bathrooms to use. The power is supposed to be restored in a few days, and our neighbors will be able to go home and start picking up the pieces. Until that happens, my wife and I are happy to be able to help our neighbors in any way possible. Right now, that means supplying and air conditioned space and a comfortable bed. It’s going to take a few weeks for our neighborhood to be cleaned up, and we going to try to help.

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