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I wrote a book and my granddaughter became very quizzical.  She wanted to know how a whole family lived in such a small igloo.  Where did they put their Christmas tree, and how did they heat the igloo without it melting.  She wanted to know what happened when the house melted in the summer.  I tried to remind that it was just a kid’s story, but she still kept asking questions.  We have all heard about igloos, and she had some good questions.  How did they heat the inside, if they didn’t have a fireplace, or a wood stove?  What happened when summer came, and they couldn’t have air conditioning, and their house melted.  Did they just camp outside during the summer?  Were they bothered by the bugs and the heat because they didn’t have shelter or air conditioning?  Did they just huddle to stay warm, because a fireplace or wood stove would cause enough heat to melt the dwelling?  Maybe the whole igloo thing was just something that happened with the fisherman, and then he moved back into a real dwelling with a fireplace for the winter, when he caught what they needed for food.  If it was so cold they could build ice houses, maybe the summer’s are cool enough, they don’t need air conditioning.  There were so many questions that I didn’t know how to answer them.  I told her that we would do some inquiries and reading and find the answers, but for now, it was the Polar bears that lived in the igloo, and I didn’t think they worried about heating and cooling.

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