I need an air conditioner

Buying items through local classified advertisements is always a risky proposition. I have made many great purchases by those means throughout the last several years, yet I still find myself getting nervous before each transaction. Last week, I decided to purchase a used air conditioning unit from a person selling one online. They had posted several pictures of the air conditioning unit on their listing, and it was very clear that the A/C unit was in great condition. We set up a time for us to meet to look at the A/C system together, and I rearranged my entire schedule to accommodate the seller’s preferred time for the meeting. When the meeting time was almost here, I texted the A/C unit seller to confirm the exact location of the meeting. They had given me the name of the subdivision where we were going to meet to inspect the air conditioning system, but they told me that they would give me the specific address shortly before the meeting. I could understand why the air conditioning unit seller wanted to withhold their address, as they did not want me showing up at their home while they were not there. Unfortunately, the man selling the A/C unit was not responding to any of my messages asking for the specific address, and I was forced to sit at the front of the subdivision and wait for him to respond. After sitting there for nearly twenty minutes without hearing from the seller, I decided that the used air conditioning unit was not worth sitting there all day. I sent one more message to the man selling the A/C unit, and then I drove back home.

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