This hair is damaging our air duct

My sister loves animals.  She loves animals so much, that she is nearly over run by them.  She has four dogs inside the house, and thirty-seven cats that live under her porch.  The cats are such a nuisance, to everyone but her, that last month she was crying because they had clawed their way through the foundation and made it into the basement.  She could smell the car urine as they sprayed all around the HVAC system.  I know it isn’t funny, but I almost laughed, because she had been told to get rid of the cats because of this very reason.  When we had a cold spell, she had to abandon using the living portion of the basement, because it smelled so horrible.  Every time the furnace turned on, the stench of cat urine was carried up through the air vents.  The furnace warmed the surrounding area, and the basement would be unbearable.  She still refused to get rid of the cats.  Her husband was able to patch the wall, and he sprayed something to rid the smell of the urine, but they had already done their damage.  Cat hair had gotten into the system, and whenever the heating system turned on, it blew cat hair up through the air vents.  My mother was always sneezing and complaining of scratchy throat and itchy eyes.  My sister’s granddaughter was always suffering from allergies.  You would think that she would get rid of the cats, but she just got another dog, and one of the cats is once again pregnant.  She should take out stock in allergy medicine.

air quality system 

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