Chilling out

One of my favorite opportunities to relax comes at a rather unusual weekly occasion. My father would always go on about how great his weekly fishing outings were for his overall well being and clarity of mind. For me, it is my trip to the laundromat that I look forward to all week. At my house, the kids are always running around and making noise, so even when I get home from work, it can be tough to get in any real relaxation. Therefore, the normally burdensome chore of doing laundry, has become my time of zen. It is almost like church for me. I don’t just go to any laundromat either, I go to the nice one. Even the HVAC system at this place is luxurious. You can really enjoy your time there. Right underneath the air conditioner vents are comfortable chairs where I just sit and zone out. At home, we run our climate control rather conservatively to save money. Typically, during the summer, our thermostat is set to around 79 and in the winter we tend to keep things around 68. This way, the heating and cooling equipment isn’t running the whole time. At the laundromat though, the air conditioner and heater are always kicking out the best air a person could ask for. The temperature and air quality over all there goes well with the concept of getting things clean. In a way, that HVAC system makes me feel like my clothes get cleaner there than at any other laundromat… climate control mind tricks perhaps, but it’s all very comforting.

heating unit 

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