I’m happy about this heating and air

Just recently I had noticed that my air conditioning wasn’t as cool as it has been in the past. I thought it odd because I did have regular maintenance done with my local HVAC Company. I did remember that one technician who came over said it would be good to start thinking about an upgrade. I didn’t really think a lot about it because my HVAC system has always been working great, until recently. I always changed the air filters so that wasn’t it. I called up the HVAC Company and they sent over an HVAC repairman to check things out. The guy did confirm that the system was just old. He recommended that I would do well by having a new system installed. He talked to me about the options as he made an assessment. He recommended a few options such as the radiant heating flooring and smart thermostat. He basically said that having this type of HVAC system would save me a lot of money in utility expenses. He explained by having the smart thermostat, I would be able to control my thermostat from anywhere using my phone. I could monitor the system and receive updates telling me about how I’m saving money. Also it would start to understand my preferences and automatically program itself. For example, if I tended to turn the A/C on in the morning, it would remember that and start doing it after I set it that way often. I thought that was pretty neat. The radiant heating flooring would heat all my surfaces making sure everything is nice and warm in the heating season. I knew my wife would love that since she always complains about the ice cold floors in the winter time. I decided to go for it and before I knew it, I had an awesome new HVAC system.

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