A movie nightmare

One of my favorite things to do is watch movies. On the weekends, I usually spend Saturday watching movies all day under the covers. I have a nice 5 inch memory foam on my bed, which makes it the most comfortable place in the house. Last weekend, I was set to watch movies all day. The outdoor weather was cold, rainy, and overcast. To me, this is the best time to relax in bed and watch movies all day.  I went to the red box and picked out three movies that were new releases. I grabbed a bucket of chicken and a two liter of Pepsi. I also bought a six pack of chocolate cupcakes. When I got home, I put my Toyota Camry in the garage, so no one would think I was home. As soon as I opened the garage door, I could feel the humid temperature in the house. I hoped the thermostat was dead, but it was still working and set to 72 degrees. I checked the air filter, but it was still fairly clean. I didn’t hear any strange noises coming from the HVAC unit. I decided it was the best idea to contact an HVAC repair agency. I called the nearest HVAC company, and they came out the same day to investigate my HVAC unit. It was too warm in the house to relax or watch movies. I waited all afternoon, until the HVAC technician showed up. After he carefully checked all of the system components, he delivered some good news to me. My HVAC unit was low on freon, and that was a simple fix. About an hour after my HVAC repair appointment, I was laying in bed watching a movie.

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The emergency line

I’m not normally the type of person who creates a big stink over problems. If I have an issue with a friend, I keep it to myself. When I’m unhappy with a policy at work, I complain quietly to uninvolved family members. When I receive subpar service at a restaurant or retail store, I don’t bother to get the manager involved. However, recently I had such a universally terrible service experience that I couldn’t help but leave negative feedback about the ordeal. It all started when my furnace failed last month. I got home and the house was merely 35 degrees indoors. I couldn’t believe how unpleasant it felt when I walked in the door. I was expecting nice warm indoor air temperatures, and instead I was slapped in the face with a cold breeze as the front door swung open. I immediately called the nearest HVAC dealership, because I have no idea where to begin troubleshooting a heating and cooling system. They promised to be on the site within 2 hours, and promised that there would be no complications with the repair service because it was still normal business hours. However, after waiting around for 4 hours, the ventilation technician never arrived. I called their emergency line and asked where my HVAC technician was, only to be told I would have to wait patiently. When the tech finally arrived, he was clearly drunk and disgruntled. He pushed past me and banged aggressively on my furnace for a few minutes before staggering out the door without saying a single word. When I received a bill for my HVAC service, they had charged me double for emergency repair service! Worst of all, my furnace broke down again three days later. You better believe I left a nasty review on Yelp.

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Finding something meaningful

I’m not much for traditional dating, to be honest with you. I guess I don’t feel like much of a relationship person, because I’m entirely happy being all on my own. I don’t like the added nonsense of worrying about another human being all the time. That’s why I prefer to just use Tinder rather than finding a meaningful romantic partner. It’s easier to just go hookup, send the person on their way, and never worry about them again. That is, unless they’re a complete nightmare like my last date. He came over to my home and everything went according to plan… until he wouldn’t leave afterwards. I went to grab a drink of water, and came back to my bedroom to find him adjusting the overhead fan speed. I thought that was a little weird and hinted at his departure, but he responded by asking about the viability of the thermostat. I told him yes, everything was working fine with my temperature control system but he seemed indignant. He stated that my house was feeling a little hot and humid for his particular taste, and looked at me expectantly. When I didn’t move, he actually got up and walked down the hallway to the thermostat, where he changed the indoor air condition settings all by himself. He muttered about turning the temp down to 55 degrees and made a comment about “taking care of business” as the AC unit powered on, flowing cool and dry air into the room. After that he laid himself back down on my bed and refused to leave for another 5 hours! Hope he enjoyed the free AC! This is not what me or my central cooling system signed up for.

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I want every surface in my house clean

I’m not the type of person who usually makes many excuses in life. I’m pretty quick to acknowledge and own up to my mistakes, and I honestly work as hard as I can to correct them. There are few instances in which I don’t feel personally responsible in some way. However, there is one area that I will never accept responsibility for. My grades this past semester. I’m currently in college, and feel the pressures of a strong academic performance. That’s why it’s so upsetting that my GPA dropped below 3.5 last semester. You might think it’s because I’m partying too much, but the reality is that my school is to blame. They never put in the infrastructure to keep our classrooms adequately warm or cold, and all of the students suffer for it. I swear, every day, no matter which building my class is in, I can expect the room to be ungodly hot and humid or bitterly cold and drafty. I have to cart several layers of jackets and sweaters around with me all day just so I can adjust to the indoor air conditions wherever I go. One course I might be overheated and dripping sweat down onto my laptop, but by the next lecture I will be shivering and turning blue. There’s just no consistency between the temperature control programs in buildings around campus. I don’t know if the thermostat settings are to blame, or if the central heating and cooling equipment is just so old that it can’t properly service the old halls. Either way, it is impossible to concentrate when you’re so physically uncomfortable.

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Why air filtration matters

Ever since my wife kicked me out I’ve been living on my best friend’s couch. He has been very cool about it so far, but there is no end in sight and I’m not sure how much longer he will put up with me. For my part, I have been trying my best to stay out of the way, not bother him, and to pull my weight when it comes to chores and housework. I even kick in some cash for the bills, because it’s only fair. But sooner or later he will run out of patience. He has already mentioned once or twice the thermostat settings and how he doesn’t like them changed. And I get it, but then he leaves for work and is gone all day and I invariably turn down the AC because it’s just too warm in his house. I am pitching in for the utility bills, so I feel this gives me a little leeway when it comes to the climate control system. But I can tell he is getting tired of it, because the cooling is always way too cool for him, and he turns the thermostat back up as soon as he gets back home. I feel I need to try and be a good houseguest, and leave the thermostat settings right where they are, but why should I be uncomfortable for hours on end because some guy who isn’t even there doesn’t like the feel of air conditioning? Man, I wish I could just move back home to my old climate control system.

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I would like to help my neighbor

My world is very small. This is something I did on purpose, over the course of many years. I used to have a lot of friends, and do a lot of things with them, but as I got older, and settled down with a family, I got tired of other people. My wife and daughters are my heart, and really the only people in the world I truly need, so slowly I lost contact with everyone else. It wasn’t out of dislike, it was just a matter of my world getting smaller. So I just stopped caring about anything outside my private world. But when my neighbor had a problem with her heating last winter, I just couldn’t ignore it. She was a sweet little old lady, and before winter had hit she had lost use of her HVAC system. This was fine for most of the year, because AC isn’t required to keep her alive, but once we hit the middle of winter things change. Without some kind of reliable heating system she might not live through the winter, so the family and I decided we needed to do something. While my daughters gave a deep cleaning to her old fireplace, my wife inspected her chimney, and I started chopping firewood. I always keep extra firewood at my place, just in case our furnace breaks, but this time I needed enough wood to keep an old lady in heat for the whole winter. She may not be able to afford a new furnace, but we will make sure she stays warm through the season.

We are encouraging this behavior

Last year I started a charity for the local community. You might have read about it, through a series of circumstances, mostly dictated by improper politics, I ended up being assisted in delivering charitable items by a local biker gang. They actually prefer to be called an MC, or motorcycle club, but if you saw them in the flesh you would call them a biker gang. Leather vests, torn denim, greasy hair, and lots of tattoos. But they are the nicest people I have ever met, and we decided to keep our association going and turn our charity drive into an annual event. We call it the Drive for Heating, and we accept donation of old (or new) space heaters to deliver to the less fortunate at the beginning of winter. We also accept cash donation, which we use to buy more heaters, and sometimes even some portable generators. One of the bikers discovered a large group of homeless people who lived in a tent city outside of town, so we gave them a generator so they could use it to power the heaters for the whole group. We even gave them some gas money for the generator to keep those heaters running. Some people think we are encouraging the homeless community, whatever that means, but we see it as giving the gift of heating to people who otherwise might freeze. There are charities that collect food, and clothing, and they do a great job, but we are the only group that gives heating, something that can make the difference between life and death during a harsh winter.

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Rap music

My daughter is really into rap music.  She sits around and listens to it all the time, and I just don’t get it.  You can’t understand what they say, and it sounds the same no matter who sings it.  I was watching someone on TV who was doing rap. It had to be a hundred degrees on that stage, and people in the audience were sweating.  You could see the air blowing from the air vents, and it had to have been air conditioning. The guy on stage, who was rapping was wearing a floor length fur coat.  The girls who were dancing, were wearing barely nothing. If they were comfortable, then he had to be sweltering. Maybe that’s why he didn’t move around. He had an air conditioning air vent right over his head.  That would explain why he didn’t move. Maybe the reason he was repeating the same words over and over, was because his brain was fried from all of the heat. He had to have the air conditioning blowing on him, so he didn’t get brain dead.  She told me that it was winter, and it was a live concert, so of course it was too cold for air conditioning. It had to be the heater that was on, and not the air conditioning. My daughter just sighed and rolled her eyes, after telling this, and then she told me that I was too old to get it.  I’ll go back and listen to my Selene Dion, while she listens to her Biggie rapper dude. I think it is safer that we aren’t in the same room with our music.

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Why does the car not have a heater

Last week, my husband and I were heading out for groceries.  It was so cold that I couldn’t get the door open to get in the car.  My husband went inside to get my blow dryer so he could thaw out the doors and get them open.  He had already started the car, by the time I got back outside. We were almost to the store, when the HVAC in the car stopped working.  We have climate control, but apparently the climate was too cold to control. We always kept a blanket in the car, because of my mother going places with us.  She sits in the back seat and her legs get cold. He pulled the blanket up front and we put it across our legs on the seat. Shortly after that, the heater started to work again.  By the time we got to the store, the heater was running well again, and the temperature was up to ninety in the car. When he set the thermostat, he forgot that he had set it at the highest temperature possible, hoping to get some heat into the car, and quickly.  By the time we got back out with our groceries, the doors had frozen shut again, and we were happy for the blanket, when we were able to get them open. I was never so happy to get back into our home, and feel the heating from our furnace. We were both frozen, but our ice cream didn’t melt.  We have no idea what happened to the heater, but I’ve got a feeling it was just too cold for it to warm up.

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Working on our ductless system

I was born with an active imagination.  That can be a lot of fun at times, but it can also be a curse.  You are always imagining things that aren’t there, or you are writing stories that others can only pretend to see.  When I am writing, I am seeing the action in front of me, and I am there. I live the stories as I write them. The problem with that, is when it gets to cold in my office, my fingers get numb and I lose track of what I am seeing, because I can’t type fast enough anymore.  That sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. The short and long of it is that I need to get some real heating in my office. I was saying that to my office the other day, and he told me he had been doing some research. He had read about ductless mini-split HVAC units. I would be able to shut my door, and still have the heating and air conditioning I needed.  He said it would hang up on the wall, and it would free up a lot of wall space for my book shelves. I have an outside wall that would be great for the mini split, so I started doing my own research. I found out that it can be a pricey, but that it would be really efficient for the space I am in. I went back and I asked my husband, how soon could we get a ductless mini-split.  I also thought it would be great because I have some major allergies, and there is an air purification that would work perfectly with my ductless mini split HVAC, which is about to be my birthday present.

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