Onion smell in the air quality

With practice, I have gotten quite good at cooking.  Everyone can tell by the smell of my home. The whole place reeks of spices, garlic and onion.  There seems to be nothing I can do about the smell. The home is equipped with a central air conditioner. I run the A/C system while I cook so I don’t sweat to death. The cooling system draws the fumes from my cooking into the system. The supply and return vents to the ductwork are literally situated  directly above my stove. I tend to fry lots of vegetables and use tons of seasoning for every meal. The steam and smell rises up and enters the ductworks. The HVAC ducts then transport the smells all over the house, because the A/C is operating. What can I do to solve this issue? My husband has gotten super aggravated over the stink in the living room. I have noticed the cooking grease discoloring the air vents too. It looks awful, and I am constantly cleaning them.  The air vents just get sticky again after the next meal. I have read online that I can add a whole home air purifier to the cooling plan. The air purifier would improve the air quality and rid it of all the smells. The air purifier operates in tandem with the A/C equipment, so the air is cleaner in my home. How beneficial is a whole-home air purifier? Is it worth the money for this air quality accessory? Also, I have read that the whole-home air purifier installs into the A/C air handler. Hopefully that is something I can do without calling in an HVAC professional to do the job.

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Want heating everywhere

I would like to add more radiant flooring to my house.  My husband Mike and I were not convinced we would like having the heating plan implemented under our floor. The heated floor purchase and upgrade was quite costly. So instead of spending money for something we might not be happy with, we only installed radiant floors in a single room. The main bathroom got electric heated mats concealed under the floorboards. Mark and I both enjoy having radiant floors in the bathroom. Getting up for  the bathroom in the middle of a freezing cold night is no longer a hardship. Getting out of the shower is no longer a reason to shiver. The radiant floors operate silently and are super efficient. My husband and I are hoping to save enough money to have another room in the house retrofitted with radiant floors. Mark and I plan to get the living room done next year. Installing radiant heating in there would be such an improvement. With this style of heating plan, the radiant heat warms all the surfaces in the room. All of the furniture will feel nice and warm because of  the radiant floors. I can’t wait to lower the thermostat. After the living room is equipped with radiant heating, Mark and I are going to move onto the kitchen. The floor is super old in the kitchen anyway. Installing the radiant floors will be rather messy, as well as expensive. Mark and I are on the same page. We are not buying anything that isn’t necessary. There will be no gifts this Christmas for us. Every dime we earn is being saved up to buy the radiant floors. Mark and I are anxious to get the entire house outfitted with heated floors.

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The new house HVAC is no good

I have just finished up on our house.  Now, the good part begins. There will be a long list of things to be finished. There are those that need to be done right then and there, and some that can wait down the road.  The home has a linked home that can be rented out. So 1 of the first things I want to do is spruce up there and make sure that everything is ready for the people moving in. Our income will depend on having that space taken care of. Fortunately for us, both my spouse and myself have been through this back in the day. Back in the day, our old condo needed significant help. This was when all of us first purchased it. But, my partner and I are actually worried about the Heating and undefined system in the newer home.  It is older and there are two separate Heating and Air Conditioning devices. One is for our living space and one is for the apartment. The past owners did little to spruce the Heating and Air Conditioning device. It was left gross, grime filled and in shambles. They did not get the Heating and Air Conditioning system tuned up, that much was clear. The HVAC duct has not been cleaned in a long time, so this was the 1st thing all of us did. My task, was to find a Heating and AC business and see how much HVAC duct cleaning would be. If it was too much dough, I needed to find out how to clean HVAC ducts.

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Different heating sources

You can have heater devices powered by gas, oil and electric. There are electric and geothermal heat pumps too, and my folks use an seasoned coal powered heating component though.  This is sort of an older form of heating not to mention a gross way of heating. My folks have used the coal oil furnace for years. They use the oil furnace at the start of the chilly season and they need to feed the gas heating device all of the time to maintain the level of heat that they want. Winters can be tedious and they are both getting quite old. My folks constantly  worry about doing the laborious work just to keep the whole home warm. On our last visit I tried to convince our parents to upgrade the Heating system to a gas heating system that would only require having Heating and Air Conditioning service every now and then. The gas oil furnace would require no containing and restocking of materials. The component is only run by electricity when it starts. My folks could actually have a control component to adjust to maintain the climate control. It would still allow them heating without having to have natural gas lines run to the home.  My folks never wanted to be that linked to the outdoor world. But now though, they seemed mind in the idea. The other facet that I brought up was the fact that the coal debris from the burner was not great for the air conditions. They most likely are getting ill off of the fumes from the oil furnace system.

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Dorm heater plan

If you spent any time in school living in a dorm, you know that it can be less than ideal, as well as when my friend Betty applied to the same university as me, plus Betty and I were given a chance, her as well as I thought it was good because both of us could room as a team in the dorms plus not have to be concerned about getting to know some random person on our floor.  The two of us got settled in plus adored the room. That may sound weird but both of us were looking forward to getting that quality time in. The first year was really great. Betty as well as I made friends, kept up with school, plus rarely wanted to come to our homes. As Wintertide came in, my friend Betty as well as I started coming back to our homes for the weekend more often.  A lot had altered with the cold. There are poor conditions at the dorms. Other students were going in more at the dorms due to colder weather plus that it was not possible to sleep because the heater didn’t do its job that well. Both of us were super cold when both of us were in the room plus wanted to buy a space furnace to help out. There were strict rules against any sort of heater device that had exposed heat coils so both of us had to choose an electric radiator for our room.

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Getting ourselves HVAC

The road to having a cabin can be difficult.  Many days, when you purchase a modern cabin that was built years before, it comes with a quirk of types. There are normally some things that need to be fixed up plus some that need more care than others.  This was the cse with my brother Mike’s house. It was left to my son plus I after Mike’s passing plus all of us were easily ecstatic at first. The new cabin had been in the family for nearly 10 years plus at least it would remain so.  My son and I moved in while I was in the warm times so all of us had enough time to get before our first winter. My son as well as I made repairs to some of the windows plus doors to make sure they were respectfully locked, added more insulation to the attic, plus got the pipes cleaned up in the basement to help conserve energy when the heat was working.  In July, all of us called the nearby Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation to have them check out the gas furnace. The HVAC guy arrived plus said that he had been expecting a call from us. When I asked the HVAC guy why, he said that the gas furnace hadn’t gone well for numerous years plus my brother hadn’t wanted to put any currency into swapping it, as well as had I known this before, I would have attempted turning it on when both of us first moved in… All of that currency my son and I spent winterizing the current cabin would still be helpful.

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Need the will for HVAC

My Mother used to have this saying, and she insisted it was valid in any circumstance, she would say, “Son, in a world of the able but unwilling, be willing to become able.”  As far as my Mom was concerned, there was no shortage of people with the expertise but no gumption, and she wanted myself and my family to be proactive and willing to learn – even if the subject was totally unknown, then such was the case when I recently started looking into ways to improve my HVAC unit at home, however currently, I have a conventional oil furnace for providing enough heating warmth on the absolutely chilly days and evenings throughout the year; When the weather is more tolerable but still very chilly, I rely on my radiant gas furnace to provide light yet consistent heating to my home without running my utility bills through the roof. While these systems really and truly work fantastic for keeping the up-to-date current home cozy, I still have chilly spots throughout the current home that I just can’t seem to eliminate! I was ready to settle on just using an electric portable area space heater to warm those chilly zones in my house, but then my Mom’s saying finished making it all into my head. With some reflection, I continued searching for an alternative way; Eventually, I discovered radiant ceiling panels, which work very similar to the radiant floors – except these hang from the ceiling, and provide warmth down towards the renters of the house. This was extremely perfect! Now I knew I had a high-efficiency HVAC option for warming those chilly cold areas of my happy home.

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The club’s a/c system

I’ve never been a big fan of dance clubs. ’m more of a quiet, cozy bar hopper so to speak, as I prefer sitting at a table and enjoying a nice beer with my friends as the people I am with and I have a discussion that doesn’t have to be screamed to be heard! Still, every now and then I catch the dancing bug and have to go out to those dance clubs, plus I suppose the compulsion to find a club playing nice music and hit the dance floor. It’s extremely rare, however when it happens, I go all out with the worst dancing you’ve ever seen! I am not a dancer! Most recently, I had the urge to go to this popular club downtown in the city that had many dance floors; When my friends as well as I arrived, I instantaneously observed that the cooling system was on full blast, however that was a much welcome change! Usually, it feels sizzling as well as muggy like the actual gas or oil furnace is blowing, and then it smells funky like there’s an air filter in drastic need of replacement or something along those lines. We made our way to the dance floor to get “warmed up” as they would say, as well as I observed that it was even cooler on the floor! There were many ceiling fans spinning overhead, and just above them were many air ducts that were blowing cool air from the central cooling system at the club. It was downright heavenly to put it lightly, plus a fantastic motivator to start moving so I didn’t get too cold! As it turns out, this particular dance floor and club was the only single one with excellent air conditioning, as the other dance floors and clubs in town had little to no cooling system. I guess some people really must like it hot there!

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Want the train air quality cleaned

If you’ve never known the delight of taking public transportation to get where you need to go, prepare yourself – you’re in for a ride you won’t soon forget! With the exception of a handful of cities in our beautiful country, most public transportation systems involve huddling into a cramped, aromay bus or subway train, and trying to endure the stench and sweat as you wait patiently to arrive at your stop. If you’re not one for closed spaces, there’s the taxi – as long as you’re willing to spare more money per fare than it would cost you in gas per week! It’s entirely ridiculous to me that people will spend so much money on a expensive cab fare. A few rides on a aromay bus will convince you that the cost is well worth it, for me, I’ve only known one public transportation authority that  gave a comfortable, safe experience! That was blissful, as I lived about four miles outside of the city and could walk to work – from the train station, that is. The train from my small neighborhood to the big city was clean, never crowded and had excellent air conditioning! The heating in the Winter was also excellent. I found out as I rode the trains that each rail car had a miniature air purification system running, which improved the indoor air quality levels of each rail rcar dramatically. Those air purification systems helped to not only contain the smells of less hygienic riders, but also kept any unwanted cigarette smoke out of the car, too. I’ve rode in private cars with excellent heating and cooling, but nothing compared to the comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness of that public train.


Looking at the stars

Having a six year-old child is the peak of my fatherly experience so far. My boy is something else – he was always a big child for his age, but you’d never know he was only six years old if you saw him! The boy has his father’s genes, as he looks about twice his age, but he’s a sweet kid, and a gentle giant among his class. What I love is that he has the same wonder and intrigue with outer space that I’ve always had. All of us love stargazing at night! My husband enjoys our family outings to quiet, remote places far from the neighborhood lights. We can get the best view of the evening sky that can be found near town, and we  love sitting in the back of the truck and watching the celestial bodies overhead. We often find ourselves having to pack it in early due to the intense heat! See, we live in the south – it’s warm in these parts from May to September, realistically, so an excellent A/C system is critical to maintain wonderful indoor air conditions,. Being outside is something that must be done sparingly, and you have to have proper air conditioning ready to go to cool off from the heat, and even at night, the heat here can be pretty unforgiving combined with the natural humidity. My child enjoys to stargaze, although he also enjoys being in an air conditioned space far from the humidity, heat and bugs of the outdoors! I don’t blame him – stargazing is far more wonderful when it’s cool outside, as we can focus on finding constellations and other heavenly bodies. When it’s much colder outside, we can even have a fire going, or use a portable space oil furnace to keep our “observation deck” nice and warm! Plus, if it gets too cold, we can climb into the truck and turn on the heat to warm up! No matter how we endure the occasionally uncomfortable hot and cold temperatures, my child and I still make the time to love our favorite hobby.