A baseboard heating

A couple of years ago, my husband Randy and I purchased a very old home in the historical section of the city.  Because the home is nearly two hundred years old, there are hardwood floors, very high ceilings, ornate moldings and big windows.  There is also a lack of insulation, very narrow walls, and a lot of small rooms. The house is nearly impossible to heat and cool, and costs us a small fortune in energy bills.  When we moved in, the house was already equipped with a boiler system. Although the boiler installed in the basement is positively ancient, it is still quite reliable and energy efficient.  However, it was initially linked to large, ugly radiators in each room. These radiators took up a lot of space, were a safety hazard and detracted from aesthetics. After consulting with an HVAC contractor, Randy and I decided to keep the boiler but replace all of the radiators with baseboard heating.  The baseboard heating is much more attractive, streamlined, and provides a gentle, even heating. We next needed to figure out how to handle cooling. The house had no access to air conditioning, and the narrow walls were unable to accommodate conventional ductwork. We certainly didn’t want to get into tearing down walls, and hated the idea of portable window air conditioners.  The HVAC contractor suggested high velocity air conditioning, which we’d never heard of. This type of air conditioning relies on a far more narrow and flexible ductwork, which can be easily fitted into existing walls without causing damage. The high velocity air conditioner also features much smaller vents, which are more attractive. This has been the perfect solution for our older home.

Traveling by plane

A few months ago, I was required to fly across the country for a work related event.  It was the middle of February, and the local weather was especially terrible. The temperature had dropped down to twelve below zero, and the snow fell non stop.  Before I could leave for the airport, I needed to shovel the driveway, scrape the ice off the windshield and let the heater run in the car for twenty minutes. I then hurried from the parking lot to the terminal, dragging my suitcase and nearly freezing to death.  I was bundled up in a heavy wool coat and layers of sweaters, and immediately started to sweat when I stepped inside. The commercial heating system was blasting from vents throughout the building, so there was no escaping it. I stuffed my coat and sweaters in my suitcase, and still felt overheated.  By the time I boarded the plane, I had a headache from the overuse of the heating system. On the plane, however, there was a constant influx of chilly air. Despite turning off the overhead vent, I shivered for the entire flight. I have no idea what type of heating/cooling system is installed into a plane, but I would have loved to turn up the thermostat.  I wished I had access to my wool coat. On my layover, I once again was subject to an overly active heating system, an ended up damp with sweat. By the time I arrived at my hotel, I was exhausted, unhappy and downright sick. I couldn’t wait to be in charge of the temperature setting and be able to choose between heating and cooling.

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Sorting the ductwork out

I currently have a forced air furnace and central cooling system installed in my home, and I’m not happy with it.  The furnace is only six years old and we’ve only had the air conditioner for a little over three years. Although both components are relatively  new, I’m not satisfied with their performance. This type of heating and cooling system relies on ductwork to carry the conditioned air to the different rooms of the house.  Despite constantly having the duct system professionally cleaned and sealed, it continues to be a problem. There’s always tiny holes or leaks at the seams which waste a tremendous amount of energy.  The average duct system allows thirty percent of heated/cooled air to escape. Plus, the duct system conceals all sorts of contaminants, such as dust, pollen, bugs, mold, mildew and even dead rodents.  Every time the air passes through the ductwork, it picks up harmful bacteria and pollutants and spreads them throughout the house. The ductwork is also noisy. It rattles, whooshes, and wakes me up whenever the furnace or air conditioner starts up.  During the winter months, the heated air tends to rise straight up to the ceiling. It only falls back down after it cools off. Because of this, I need to set the thermostat way higher and spend a fortune on my heating bills. If I climb up on a ladder, the air near the ceiling is downright hot.  Meanwhile, down near the floor, my family is freezing. The furnace and air conditioner also require a great deal of maintenance. I make sure to change the air filter every month and scheduling professional cleaning and troubleshooting twice per year. While it would be way too expensive to tear out the entire heating/cooling system and start over, I have considered it.  

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We’re working very hard

My roommate is from the northeast and when she first moved to town, she was excited to be in a warmer climate. She had just taken a new job and relocated to the south.  She was used to snow and ice, now, she was enjoying the warmth of our springtime. The temperatures are in the mid seventies and we are having very little humidity right now.  I keep telling her not to get used to it and that once summer gets here she will want to hibernate indoors with the HVAC system running. The house that we rented has an air conditioner despite the fact that I had not even turned in on yet. I just assumed that everything would be fine when the time came that we needed it.  Besides, we were both so busy with work most days that all we did was eat dinner and go to bed when we got home. Then one day, the temperatures rose to the upper 80’s and I asked my roommate to turn on the air conditioner before she left for work. She turned on the cooling system for the first time and nothing happened. I thought to myself that I really should have at least tried it before we needed it to see if it worked.  I told her I would call the building owner have them send out a maintenance person. They had an HVAC tech there the following morning. It only took a short amount of time for the serviceman to have the air conditioner working perfectly and the cool air flowing from all the air vents! Now, we would be comfortable at night while we were trying to sleep.

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Let’s get a new job

I spent my whole life in the northeast part of the country, but a year ago I was offered a good promotion if I would relocate to the south for the job.  I took the offer immediately as I was needing an adventure and soon I had moved myself to the south. It was spring when I arrived in the sunny south. The weather was wonderful, always sunny and not too hot with hardly any humidity.  The apartment I had rented had an air conditioning system but I had not even turned in on yet. In the north everyone hardly ever uses the air conditioning unless it gets really hot and very humid. I was busy with the new job and working a great deal and didn’t seem to be home for much more than to sleep. Well, then the summer came to the south. The temperature kept rising and the humidity was so think I felt like I could cut it with a knife. It was time for me to turn on the A/C so that I could be more comfortable at night.  Sleeping is difficult when it is too hot and humid. But when I turned on my A/C for the first time nothing happened. I laughed to myself that I really should have at least tried it before to see if it worked. I called my landlord and she had a HVAC service come out the very next day. In an hour or so the serviceman had the air conditioning unit purring and cool air flowing from all the air vents. Now I would be comfortable at night in the South. Well actually the A/C would run 24/7 for the whole summer. Which I figured was a lot like the way we had to run the furnace all winter in the northeast. I loved my new job so I was going to have to get used to the heat here in the south.

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A few classes

Everyone of my friends in addition to family members have had an opportunity where they certainly made the wrong decision more than one time.  Everyone of my friends in addition to myself certainly made this type of mistake when we were all in college together. My roommates in addition to myself certainly made some serious mistakes, because we had some problems in our Fortress with the heating, air conditioning, in addition to ventilation method. The central air conditioning, ventilation, in addition to heating method broke sometime around June, in addition to the fact that our landlord certainly said he was not going to fix the problem until 2 months time. He told us that we could get a window air conditioner if we wanted to, but everyone of my friends in addition to myself did not have that kind of loot. My friends in addition to myself were certainly taking a few summer classes, in addition to the fact that one of my friends offered to use some scholarship money to buy a window air conditioner for our Fortress. I felt like it might have been a bad idea, but the interior temperatures in our Fortress were more than one degree above hot. We spent $300 of the scholarship money on a window air conditioning not that it for the living room. When my roommate needed some extra money for school that semester, he called his parents to ask for the money. They certainly had a few questions about where the money went, in addition to the fact that my roommate told them a few lies that they bought.

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Using a loan

The people I was with as well as myself have been struggling for numerous months to make these drastic payment on student loan vouchers. The people I was with as well as myself have confidently made these payments for easily 6 years now. It doesn’t even seem like the people I was with as well as myself have managed to confidently make any type of dent in our old loan payment. I’m really kicking myself at this time, because the last year of grad school, the people I was with as well as myself easily used half of our student loan funds for something other than School. The people I was with as well as myself we’re living in an apartment off campus, that did not have any central heat as well as A/C. Winter wasn’t too bad, because the people I was with as well as myself had a small space heater. Summer was terribly atrocious, so the people I was with as well as myself confidently used a trunk of our student loan money to get a small window A/C device. The window A/C device really helped with our indoor air quality, but it left us numerous dollars short for our school bucks. The people as well as myself were easily in quite a pickle, because we use those funds for a different heating as well as A/C device. Thankfully, my parents decided to take pity on us as well as send us a few hundred dollars to put towards our summer class books.

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This is quite the machine

The two of us were finishing up our post doctorate degree, when the two of us were receiving quite a bit of financial loans. The two of us genuinely had some hardship at the time, and our house needed an update for the furnace and cooling machine. The two of us didn’t know what else to do, except use the multiple allotment from our student loans, to genuinely pay for a new furnace and cooling machine. After all, it absolutely seems like a necessity for our schooling needs. If the two of us could not be comfortable for multiple hours while studying, then the two of us could not manage to get good grades in those classes that our loans had been paying for. The two of us had a hefty amount of money, so we use the money to procure a new Cooling and furnace machine. It was genuinely state-of-the-art, but the two of us genuinely made multiple mistakes at that time. The two of us genuinely use a furnace and cooling provider that did not honor their warranty 6 months later. 6 months later, the ferning and cooling provider was completely out of business, and the two of us were genuinely out of luck for our furnace and cooling machine needs. The two of us will be paying on these student loans for the rest of our life, and the money is only going to last us for one year of use on our furnace and cooling machine. That certainly doesn’t seem fair.

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We need to do improvements

Just like most everyone who has had the opportunity to pursue education in Pastime, I was left unscathed financially plus looking for a good task. It took almost a year plus I was struggling to make my ends meet. It was completely out of hand, plus I suffered with trouble to find the right paying task. I was reaching out to many different lenders + requesting for someone to give me real right hot bowl. My girlfriend plus myself had some problems with our A/C component, plus requested a repair on the A/C equipment. It was for the A/C to be repaired, but we contacted the first heating + A/C corporation that was listed in the phone book. That Corporation was terrible, plus charged all of us a heap of money for what seemed to be an insufficient repair task. It wasn’t until very longer the next day, that I knew that we had foolish Lee spent a lot of that money. Now we have to spend our time slowly digging the financial Rubble out of our shoes. I acquired a hefty lesson, plus now I know that it’s most important to find a real heating + A/C Corporation, before honestly giving anyone all of your money. It was a multiple hard lesson to learn, but thankfully we had the fees on hand to make such a sizable payment. Now of course, we are stuck making these terrible biweekly payments for a heating a plus A/C equipment repair that doesn’t seem to work just like it should. What a terrible decision we seem to honestly make.

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I need to use my student loans

Like everyone who’s pursued a college degree in the past decade, I hardly left college financially unscathed. In fact, I quickly found myself struggling to make payments on my loans since I couldn’t find a decent paying job for close to a year! It got so out of hand that I was having serious issues with finding a decent paying job. Before long, I had to reach out to the lenders and request a longer, income-driven plan to reduce my monthly payments. The entire situation was really making me kick myself for my decisions of the past. See, when I was a junior in college, I was awarded a hefty student loan – far too big for what my semesters called for, but I figured it was worth taking on, just in case I had financial issues down the road. Well, luck would have it that the air conditioning in my girlfriend and I’s place had broke down completely, and with my girlfriend being a recent homeowner she had no one to call for repairing the equipment. We tried to endure without the air conditioning, but a week of the Summer heat left us dying and eager to get some relief! That was when I decided I would help her out and pay for a big part of the air conditioning repair. Well, we were young and foolish, and I made a poor judgement call by setting up a service plan with the first HVAC contractor we called. The contractor wound up ripping us off big-time, and charged us thousands of dollars for a poor repair job. And of course, it wasn’t until I was done with school when I realized how foolish I was to spend my loan money the way I did. I’m slowly digging my way out of the financial rubble, but I definitely learned my lesson. Don’t spend money you don’t have, and don’t book a service until you know the history of the provider!

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