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So my dad asked me to help him out with a favor at his place. Usually, these favors are inversely proportional to how he describes the favor. If he tells me he’s got a “huge favor” to ask, the task tends to be simple and quick like helping him clean out rain gutters. Meanwhile, if he ever says he’s got a “tiny little job” for me, I know it’s going to be some massive undertaking that takes days or even weeks to complete! Such was the case this past weekend, as my dad asked to help with a “little side project” of his. Turns out, he had HVAC professionals come to service his entire heating and air conditioning system! Only problem was, my dad got into an argument with one of the contractors, and the argument got so heated that the entire crew of heating and air conditioning technicians picked up their tools and left. “This will be easy,” my dad claimed, “like changing the oil in my car!” I should’ve known he was stretching the truth, because the contractors left the job before the new ductwork was cleaned out and reconnected to the central heating and air system. He sent me into the attic with a small toolbox, a flashlight and duct tape, and explained how I just needed to seal the ductwork together. I have no idea how to keep the ducts air-tight, and all I could think about was how I would call the HVAC company and apologize for my dad’s behavior. After an hour of trying to seal the ductwork back together, my dad told me the air was blowing just fine into the house. Well dad, it might be working now, but my duct sealing skills are anything but adequate. I wonder how long it will take before the air quality suffers?

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I can’t stop aging

The summer heat this year has been nothing short of stifling. We’ve had days where the temperatures don’t drop beneath 85 degrees all day long, and in the part of the country where we live, that is considered to be very hot. All of this heat has really done a number on our air conditioning bills! Our expenses have been astronomical this summer, so when we had a couple of days when the temperature dropped down to the 70s, we were super excited. I immediately went to the thermostat and turned to air conditioning off. We opened up all the windows and I was so glad to get some fresh air that wasn’t super hot and muggy into the house. Not only that, we were glad to give our central air unit a break from constantly trying to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of our stuffy house. Of course, a couple of days later, the nice temperatures outside disappeared and it got much hotter again. We closed all of the windows – or so we thought – and turned the air conditioning back on. Several days later, I noticed that the A/C did not seem to be working to its full potential. When I investigated and checked out the A/C unit down in the basement, I noticed that one of the hallway windows was still wide open! Of course, the window was right above one of our A/C vents, so we’d been blowing our cold air right out the window for days, literally! So much for saving money on air conditioning costs for a couple of days!

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I was very annoyed

Back last year when we had to get our HVAC unit replaced, we shopped around until we found the HVAC company that was the cheapest. We were strapped for cash at the time, and so in our minds, cheaper was better. Unfortunately, we ended up learning the hard way that you really do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to heating and air conditioning. We really thought that we were getting a super deal on a new furnace and a new air conditioning unit, but then the company we hired ended up rescheduling our installation appointment four different times. During those four days, it happened to be the hottest week of the year. We had to run electric fans and a window air conditioning unit constantly in order to not melt! When the team of HVAC professionals finally did arrive for the installation appointment four days late, they walked around my house with their muddy shoes on (with no shoe covers!) and then they also scratched up my freshly painted walls when they were carrying equipment in and out. On top of all of that, they installed a unit that was the wrong size and it didn’t even function properly when I turned it on. I guess you really do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to HVAC services for your home. This year, when we decided to have some maintenance done on our ventilation system and our A/C unit, we called a reputable heating and air conditioning company for the job. They cost a little more up front, but they did the job right and that’s what matters.

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I wanted to be met by a blast of cold air

Sometimes it’s so uncomfortably hot in my room that I can’t even think straight. I was recently trying to work on a newsletter for my company from my laptop at home. I had been sick for a week, and I needed to get back to work but I didn’t want to spread my germs to anyone there so I decided to work at home. It’s been unseasonably warm outside and so naturally the temperature inside the house has been going up, too. This is especially true in my bedroom, since it faces the west side of the house and all of the afternoon and evening sun comes flooding through the windows like crazy. Some days my room feels like there’s a furnace running in there or at least a gas fireplace! This sick day home from work was really no different. I think I was probably already running a low grade fever, so my body temperature was already raised a little bit. I didn’t really want to turn the air conditioning on because it’s not even summer yet! It’s still spring and who wants to have high energy bills any longer than you have to? Not me! Well, the sunlight made me feel hotter and hotter until at last I gave up and turned the thermostat temperature down. It’s unbelievable how much the sun can heat up a room, just by shining in through the glass windows. It looks like I might have to be running my air conditioning even longer this year than I wanted to. Either that, or moving my bedroom to the east side of the house!

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That is way more efficient

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to ride for a long way with a large group of people before, but it is not the most fun thing in the world. First of all, you have way too many people talking at once and everyone is trying to be heard over everyone else. Secondly, there’s always some suspicious smell of feet or poop or body odor coming from somewhere and you can never pin down exactly who it is that stinks. Third, people are just annoying! They think you want to hear their lame stories and their dumb jokes, when all you really want to do is get out of the car and get where you’re going. But the worst part of all is the fight that always ensues over the heating and the air conditioning. It never fails that some of the people are too hot and some of the people are too cold. Some people want the thermostat turned down and some people want the thermostat turned up. Some say the temperature is too cold, but others say the temperature is too hot. It never fails! And as you know, you just can’t please everyone all of the time. The last trip that I took, I was actually driving and we were about fifteen minutes into the trip when all of the complaining began. The temperature outside was really hot, so I had the air conditioning running to cool the car off. One lady said that she was freezing and another lady said that she didn’t know that we were headed to the North Pole. I turned the A/C down for a few minutes and the man sitting behind me said that he was sweating up a storm and the inside of the car felt like a tropical rainforest. I hate driving lots of people around! Carpooling is for the birds!

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My work space

I have been working at home for quite some time now. I actually made my own office area in the basement. It’s really great for the most part, and I have everything that I need to get my work done. The only thing that bothers me is the climate control. It happens to be quite a bit colder inside the basement than any other part of the household. My family always loves to blast the A/C machine too, so it really gets pretty freezing down here sometimes! Usually when I work, I like to open the window just to let some of the outdoor warm air come inside my work space! I know that seems crazy with the A/C running and all, but it really does get freezing down here a lot. One day my wife was down here while I was working and she mentioned how it really was sort of nippy down here. She said that we should get HVAC zone control so that we could keep the upstairs nice and cool but not have blasting cool air down in the basement. I thought that was an excellent idea so I contacted our local HVAC company. We had an HVAC technician come over and he took care of everything. Before I knew it, the A/C wasn’t always blasting down in my work area. I was so pleased with the change! I still loved to open the window a lot though to get some refreshing air inside of my work area while I was taking care of my tasks though.

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This is bothersome to me

I remember when I moved out to the West. It was a huge difference than what I was accustomed to I must say. The hardest thing to get used to was the fact that it was always so incredibly hot, yet it was a dry sort of heat so it wasn’t all that uncomfortable. I found that I had to use A/C every so often, but oftentimes I could get away with just opening up all the windows and letting a cross breeze flow through my house. I really did like this new home of mine, and I started getting tan in no time! I absolutely enjoyed frequenting the beaches and going out for nature hikes. It was a fabulous time and it didn’t take a long while for me to get used to the heat. Something that I had to adjust to though was how incredibly dry it was. I purchased a humidifier so that I could keep proper humidity levels in my household and enjoy perfect air quality. I must say, that humidifier certainly works wonders on the air quality. I would always get a sore throat, dry mouth, and chapped lips. When I go out places, I always make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and wear lip balm that has sunscreen in it as well. I’m not sure I will ever get used to the fact that I don’t need to use my heating system. My house actually does have an oil furnace, but I have never had to use it once since I’ve lived out here. Even in the winter months, it doesn’t really get very cold. Being from the Northeast, it’s something that is very difficult to wrap my head around. I was used to tons of snow and ice, and now I don’t ever see snow, I really like it!

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Getting the dogs crated

My wife and I love to have guests over often. I feel that it is great for the soul and helps combat depression to have company over regularly. Well in order to be able to do this, we have to have excellent working HVAC equipment. In the midst of the summer season, no one wants to be dying from the brutal heat, so we remedy this by providing excellent A/C for our guests. I used to always call my HVAC company up for needed services, and eventually one of the HVAC technicians told me about their awesome HVAC maintenance plan. He told me I could actually save a fortune with how often I was seeking maintenance for our HVAC machine. When he told me that I could get all of this HVAC maintenance done at a flat yearly rate, I just about fainted. I was so amazed and wish I had been enrolled in a plan like that a long time before I knew about it. I had been using this HVAC company for quite awhile, and they did really great work on our HVAC equipment. We even had them install a nice smart thermostat into our home. I must say, it doesn’t get more convenient than using a smart thermostat! I can control the climate control system from pretty much anywhere easily from my phone! I can’t tell you how many times in the past we were busy playing cards or I was outside grilling when we needed to make changes to the temperature control settings. It would be a hassle to have to run to the thermostat and make needed adjustments when I was cooking or busy relaxing with my friends. I don’t have to worry about that anymore these days.

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The summer heat is tough to deal with

While my friends prefer to go camping in the fall, I love to go in the summer. I have a waterproof tent so I’m nice and dry when the summer storms roll in, and the hot air makes the lakes perfect for a swim. My favorite thing to do when I’m out camping is to go out in the middle of the night while much of the campground is asleep, and go for a swim. There’s nothing like an evening swim on a clear night, and looking at all of the stars above you. You haven’t lived until you’ve cast a wish on a shooting star in the middle of a lake well past midnight. The only reason most of my friends won’t go camping with me in the summer is because they can’t stand the summer heat. They prefer to be home and sit in front of their window air conditioners than go outside any longer than they have to in the summer. But I don’t like camping in the fall, as it’s often too cold to go for a midnight swim. Fall activities are always a little dicey too, as the temperatures can plummet and start to snow in the blink of an eye.That’s okay though, I don’t mind going camping on my own. The time away gives me peace and quiet to write and create without any distractions at all. I’ve never needed air conditioning to be comfortable. When I go camping, I just take care to bring my air bed and just a sheet to sleep under, so I don’t overheat at night.

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One of my best friends lives in a really old house. It’s built in 1814, and a lot of it is original, though there have been updates over the years. It’s fun to walk through the house and note all of the places where flooring has changed with the renovations over the years. The place is a little sprawling through, which can make it difficult for their oil furnace to heat on a budget. The back of the house has a whole additional wing that was added by her mom in 1996. They’ve found that the best solution is the addition of pellet stoves. These are a type of wood burning stove that is both compact and attractive, as well as effective. They’re a little smaller than some models of wood burning stoves, as you don’t need full logs to work them. You can buy bags of wood pellets which start easily to light and are simple to maintain; just pour more pellets on when the fire gets to be too low. They’re safer than a fireplace, and they throw more heat as they’re a fully enclosed fire. They have one wood burning stove in the modern addition, and another in the front of the house, which is the oldest and suffers from the most heat loss. They save a lot of money on their utility bill by running the oil heater less. While oil prices fluctuate, the price of the pellets stays the same. Going over in the winter, you would never guess the house is so old inside–its always warm and comfortable.

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