A new mini split system

Last week, I was promoted at work! I was super excited and thrilled to receive a higher paid position, along with a brand new title. With my new promotion, I had the opportunity to work from home. Most of my responsibilities were handled over the phone or internet, so there wasn’t much need for me to be in the office, except for meetings. They told me that I could have my own office space if I wanted, but I thought it would be nice to work from home. I had two kids in middle school, and knew they would be gone during the daytime so I could get my work done in peace. However, I would be home by the time they got off the bus and I could be around for any emergencies. There was a spare room in my home, which I thought would make the best place for me to concentrate and get things done. The only problem with my spare room, was that it was an add on to the house a few years back. This meant that it wasn’t attached to the HVAC system, and I wouldn’t be able to feel the heat or air conditioning like the rest of the house. My HVAC dealer recommended that I invest in a mini-split system. I didn’t know what that was, and he informed me that it was specifically for additional rooms that weren’t attached to the ductwork. He offered me their most efficient system, which would keep the room at a reasonable temperature, without making my monthly utility bills increase. It’s too soon to tell, but I think this is going to be the best option for me.

ductless air conditioning 

HVAC services

There are some things in life that are worth waiting for. I do not mind going to a nice restaurant and waiting for a great meal to be prepared. Other things, however, should not be waited for. I’d like to consider myself a patient person, but I guess there are times where I am not entirely patient. When I am in a rush, for example. If I am rushing around or late to something, I have no patience for other things that get in my way. Just last week, I experienced something like this when my air conditioner broke right before my business meeting. I was getting ready in the bathroom and noticed that it felt considerably hot. Being in a rush, I quickly went over to the thermostat and turned down the cool setting so that my air conditioner would pop on. After five minutes of running around, the air conditioner had still not come on. Once again, I checked the thermostat and nothing happened. Then, I was startled by this loud bang coming from my floor vents. Immediately, I knew I needed to call the HVAC services before things got worse. They claimed to have rushed an HVAC technician to my house, but I waited for over an hour for one to show. I was furious, missed my meeting, and had a broken air conditioner on my hands. Not only did it take them forever to show up, but the actual services on my air conditioner took days to complete! For what I pay for HVAC service calls, I should have never had to wait that long!

air conditioner 

Smart homeowners

When you first buy a home you are clueless! Many homeowners fall into the same pitfalls of making either unnecessary repairs or not doing them right the first time. We were no different when we bought our first house. I now have many regrets about what we did and did not know at the time. Our biggest mistake came in not knowing anything about the heating system that was in the house when we bought it. All we knew was that we didn’t like the look of the large gas space heater that was located in the middle of the living room. We wanted it replaced, and we decided that because there was no duct work, we would go with a boiler. My husband had plumbing experience, and he figured he could do most of the work himself. He decided to order a boiler without getting anyone to tell us how large our system should have been. We now have a house that has many cold spots because the boiler is not powerful enough to heat the entire house. We supplement the heat with a wood burning stove, but we know that if we ever try to sell the house, we will have to upgrade the system first. Being an uneducated homeowner is not the best thing. If you are unsure about anything at all, you should always contact a professional to install or at least sell you the right size unit for the space you have. It will save you so much in the long run, and you will have peace of mind.

professional HVAC 

We should get a new heater

Most homes are now equipped with the most modern pieces of equipment. Since more and more people are building homes that match their own personal criteria, it is very easy to install exactly what you want in your home. However, it is more costly to build a dream home than it is to fix up an existing home. As a realtor, I like to take a look at the things that people are most interested in having in their homes. Lately, I have noticed that people are drawn to installing fireplaces. So, when a couple comes to me and wants to try and put their house on the market at a higher price, I tell them to install a fireplace before anything! There are so many options today to install gas or electric fireplaces that it is nearly effortless! An HVAC company can come right to your house and decide on the perfect placement as well as style for installing a fireplace. Unlike the older houses that were built with original fireplace brickwork, you can easily install a brand new fireplace with little remodeling! With a new fireplace in your home, it can increase the assessed value and also make it more favorable to potential homebuyers. Even a small, low cost fireplace can increase your selling price by a great deal! Before putting a house on the market, I suggest every homeowner to get in touch with an HVAC company to simply get a quote on installing a brand new fireplace. Both the homeowner and the buyer can benefit from a fireplace installation prior to selling.

HVAC company 

It’s very expensive in here

When it comes to making any kind of purchase, it is wise to compare all of your different options. It doesn’t matter if it is something as simple as grocery shopping or as complicated as purchasing a major appliance for your home, you can save a lot of money and heartache if you do your homework. Additionally, you can find significant savings for your wallet because if you shop around you may find a better deal. In the instance of grocery shopping, it can be good to take your time, make a list, and use coupons. This can allow you to save up  to 50 percent on your bill. When it came time to purchase a new HVAC system for our home, we approached it in the same way. We contacted three different dealers to find out what their recommendations were and what deals they had to offer. In the end, we chose one that had a great financing deal going because they truly took the time to thoroughly explain all the features to us before we made a decision. Purchasing an HVAC system is something that you have to be careful with because there are some companies out there that will simply sell you the most expensive one. This is because they want to get the most commission. We ended up going with a company that was slightly more expensive than the others, but we felt comfortable with them because they ensured us that we could trust them to install and care for it for years to come. This is an important investment because it is what keeps a house comfortable and healthy throughout the year.

heating and air 

The shopping list

When I was trying to come up with my shopping list for this week, I was astounded by how many random things I needed to get. Normally, my shopping list consists of a few pounds of meat, bread, milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables, eggs, a random hair or makeup product, and juice. This week, though, I do not need milk, cheese, fruit, or meat, but I do need tarragon, chile powder, dishwashing liquid, a lint roller, air filters, safety pins, and a curtain rod. I was not even sure which aisle I needed to go to for all of these random things! Somehow, I got through my shopping in about the same time as normal, and I was congratulating myself on getting everything so quickly when I realized that I had forgotten to get one of the most important items on my list: air filters for my air conditioning unit! I considered just waiting until next week to get the air filters, but that was what I told myself last week, and the week before that, and the week before that! I did not want to ignore my air filters for a fourth straight week! My air conditioning filters really needed to be changed. So, I headed back to the store to get the air filters. I found the right aisle, and the right shelf, but of course, the store was out of the size of air filter that I needed. I was quite frustrated by this point. I left that store and stopped by another store that was rather out of the way of my way home, but thankfully, they had the size of air filter that I needed. Finally, I had everything on my list!

furnace filter 

I’m going to get into running

One of my main goals for the month of October was to get back into running again. Before I got married and started teaching, running was something that I really enjoyed and did often. I would run between ten to fifteen miles a week, which really is not that much, but I loved it, and I stayed consistent with it. With how busy I have been lately, it has been difficult to carve out the few hours a week I need to run consistently. Prior to this month, I would run maybe once or twice a month, and I hated it because I felt so out of shape. This month, I decided to download an app with a running plan to keep myself on track. The app combines different types of runs, along with indoor workouts. The runs I definitely enjoy, but the indoor workouts have been tough. I have not done pushups, squats, or burpees at all in the past few years! One thing that I learned quickly was that I needed to keep my thermostat set to a much lower temperature when I am working out. If I work out in my living room, I am right under an air vent, so the air conditioning can pour down on me and keep me cool while I sweat it out! With the help of the extra air conditioning, I already feel so much more in shape! I have been doing the program for three weeks now, and I have run 45 miles so far and spent seven hours doing other workouts. This program has been a success, and I am glad that my air conditioning helped me to reach my goals!

air conditioning products 

Everyone is complaining about our air conditioner

I hate going back to visit my parents during break. All they do is nag me to hang out with them and make me feel guilty for going so far away for college. I just want to be independent but they just want to make me go crazy. This summer, I promised them that I would come home from school for the entire summer long. I got a job at a local pizza place and packed up all of my things. I was excited to see my old high school friends, but not excited to have to live with my parents for an entire summer again. To make matters worse, it turns out that the air conditioner that was in my room broke last year and my parents failed to replace it. Of course, they didn’t tell me this until I got back home and tried to turn on the A/C. I was obviously pissed off because I was already less than enthusiastic about moving back home. I asked my parents if they were planning on getting the A/C fixed or buying a new one and they just shrugged. They said that I was only going to be there for a couple months so why would they buy a brand new air conditioner if no one was going to use it after that. I stared at them in disbelief. They said that they don’t mind paying the electricity bill if I were to go out and buy myself a new air conditioner. I was so mad. Not only do I have to live here and work in a dumb pizza place, but I have to spend like half of the money I make this month on an A/C that I won’t need after two months. I am never coming home again.

controlled climate system 

I want to get my chores done

I’m not sure if you’ve ever let your household chores go to the wayside before, although I can tell you that it’s pretty taxing to get caught up after taking a hiatus from your normal responsibilities. This was our experience last month, when the perfect storm of having family visit and doing quite a bit of travelling myself resulted in complete negligence of our normal household cleaning. That’s when I decided I would take a day off of work to get all our chores done at once. I woke up that day, all wound up and ready to get to work, only to find that the air in our house felt warm and stuffy. The air conditioner should have been running as usual, so I wasn’t quite sure what the problem was, that is, until I took a look at the thermostat. Immediately it became clear that the A/C was not running, since the temperature control box was giving an indoor air temperature of 85 degrees, plus the HVAC appeared to be offline. I could not get the thermostat to reconnect to the air conditioner, no matter what tricks I tried! Moreover, I eventually gave up and called an HVAC specialist, but they told me they were booked until that night. And so, rather than getting all our chores done as planned, I ended up waiting sweatily for 9 hours until the HVAC repairman could stop by for our air conditioner. Needless to say, I still haven’t caught up on our chores.

A/C repair 

Visiting my mom

I love my mom, but I’ve realized that we need some distance between us in order to have a functional relationship. If I’m too close and we spend a lot of time together she gets on my last nerve and we end up fighting quite a bit. If I life across the country, however, we get along famously. That’s why I was so excited to go visit her recently; that is, until I had to coexist with her strange HVAC philosophies for the weekend. You see, she loves to save money, and will torture herself by refusing to use modern heating and cooling in order to spare herself on the energy bill every month. It is so extreme that she would rather keep her air conditioning off during 90 degree weather than to give her money to ComEd. I personally do not understand, because I love to have control over my indoor air quality. In fact, my husband constantly jokes about how often I fiddle with the thermostat trying to find the perfect settings for ideal air conditions. It costs us money, but I would rather have a high electricity bill than to suffer without any HVAC intervention every day. Staying at my mom’s house was the same as always on my visit; hot and humid. She would not use her central air and chided me for even suggesting she lower the temperature indoors. It was a long and hot weekend, during which I constantly eyed the thermostat hungrily. I was sad to leave, but I was thrilled to get home to my own temperature control system.

temperature control